Alhambra and Science Park

Thanks to our Spanish Language School we had a school trip to Granada and this included our second visit to the Alhambra and this time we actually got to see the Palace, which was truly amazing. Unfortunately it has given Suzi several ideas she wants reproducing in and around our new cave.

After a free buffet at a Granada hotel it was off to the Granada Science Museum. This was truly amazing although you really do need a full day to get the most out of it. Although I did get to sit next to Einstein and Suzi met Marie Curie!

There was an amazing show in the planetarium that was about MC Escher rather than space! Escher was a Dutch artist who is famous for his work on tessellation for which he gained inspiration from a visit to the Alhambra Palace. this is a fact that I was completely unaware of.

We then had an exploration of the observatory which contains a telescope manufactured in the United Kingdom! Small world.

we then had a display of Birds of Prey from España that included an Owl, an Eagle, a Hawk and a Falcon. Truly amazing creatures!

Lastly we had a tour of the new exhibition on wild animals with some really amazing exhibits. Our friend Barry (who happens to be a Buddhist Monk) was found looking at Karl the Cat’s older brother: –

A truly wonderful day out all thanks to our teacher Inma…..thank you.

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