getting ready for our first Spanish Yule

Although we are not yet in our new home, and wont be until the end of January, we are getting ready for Christmas.

In Spain Christmas is a fairly big deal as you would expect in a Catholic country, but is not such a commercial event. It is called Navidad and is slightly more intense than Christmas in the UK.

December 24th – This is the big day in Spain as a National holiday and the day when the family have an elaborate meal similar to our Christmas dinner. It is also the day that children open a present that has been left by ‘Papa Noel’. At midnight there are often parties and fiestas in most towns.

December 25th – is a quiet day in Spain, recovering from the day before!

December 28th – is known as the ‘Day of the Innocent Souls’, remembering the children killed on the orders of King Herod. In Spain it is celebrated in a similar way to April Fools Day in the UK.

December 31st – New Years Eve is a big party in Spain as anywhere else. One additional custom is the eating of 12 grapes at midnight, one for each of the tolls of the hour.

January 5/6th – Festival of the three kings. This is when most presents are given in the believe that they are brought by the three kings. Similar to what children do in the UK for Santa and his Reindeers, Spanish children leave glasses of Cognac, pastries and a bucket of water for the King’s camels.


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