Shopping in Chengdu

Well today was a day for shopping, or trying to at least. We first went to the Wenshu Temple which was really calming and very lovely. However the craft area associated with it was no good at all for what we wanted. After Wenshu we decided to walk across the river to what on the […]

Pandas and a very big Buddha

On Thursday morning we went to the Panda research centre here in Chengdu. It was truly amazing and because we were there early they were very active – apparently they sleep most of the afternoon! We were allowed to see some newborns in incubators and some babies as well. The pictures of these are poor […]

Chengdu- first day

Although we arrived early morning we have managed to pack a fair bit in today. We went to the ‘People’s Garden’, via Chairman Mao’s giant statue. There we partook of some tea by the lake – a lovely experience. ¬†We then went to the Tibetan quarter and partook of some street food, had a beer […]

Arrival in Chengdu

After an interesting 16 hour train journey we have arrived in our Chengdu hostel and booked onto the Panda/Giant Buddha day tour for tomorrow. The train journey was actually not bad just very long and we shared our cabin with a mother and young daughter. We got on okay sharing snacks and jokes, the little […]

Xi’an day three

Had a really good experience in the muslim quarter eating street food and savouring the whole kaleidoscope of sensory inputs. Then after a late start we went to get our train tickets to Chengdu tonight. That was an amazing experience no English signage or English speaking staff, but why should there be? We survived. Went […]

Terracotta Army

Probably on everyone’s bucket list is to see this wondering of ancient China. Created 2,000 years ago by China’s first emperor the figures are all different and said to be modelled on his actual army. They were spectacular and so glad I have had this chance. We also saw his tomb mound that rivals the […]

Good morning China

Had a good catch up with Niall over a meal and some beers. Now getting ready for the terracotta army tour. Xian is far from the biggest city in China despite being the old capital, but it’s size is immense just looking up the road our hostel is situated on can give you an impression […]

China continued

After a truly epic 10 hour journey with Hainan airlines who I would greatly recommend, I arrived in China and had my first beer which I will tap in. Most of the day was stuck in Beijing airport in a 5 hour stop over but finally met up with Niall in Xian where it is […]