A home at last!

We were out with our friends on a impromptu tour and we got the call we had waited for all day – our offer on a cave we saw on Thursday was accepted! The cave is located in the small hamlet of Fuenta Nueva (New Fountain) about eight Km from the historic town of Orce.

The cave actually belongs currently to one of our estate agents and is beautiful, everything we wanted when we started looking for our new home in España. Small compromise on the land as whilst there is enough for fruit trees and vegetables, there is no room for pigs! However there is some land for rent near to our current property that I can rent alongside the river. Its a compromise but after our ups and downs of the last month I am willing to do this to give Suzi and I this beautiful property.

As I said earlier the cave is situated in the hamlet of Fuenta Nueva and lies in a major archeological area of Spain, in fact just in front of this cave is an active dig on Mammoth bones, cant wait to see which dog brings me home a Mammoth bone.

Because they still live there with two young children we have agreed on a completion date of mid to late January so as not to disrupt their children too much at Christmas. Aren’t we nice! As soon as we sign the contract i will post some pictures but not going to pre-empt anything.

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  1. Congratulations to you two not forgetting dogs too great start to 2018 thrilled for you can’t wait to see pictures xxx

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