Shopping in Chengdu

Well today was a day for shopping, or trying to at least. We first went to the Wenshu Temple which was really calming and very lovely. However the craft area associated with it was no good at all for what we wanted.
After Wenshu we decided to walk across the river to what on the map was termed simply market. Well it literally was that but just for food. So after wandering through dead ducks, chickens and vegetables I have never seen before we decided to leave.
On to Kuaizhaixiangzi Alley (Wide and Narrow Alley) which could be considered Chengdu’s ‘Shambles’, and sold similar produce – jewellery, pottery and trendy clothing. Very nice but not what we wanted.
Onwards to the Antique Market which sold every type of stone possible and again not what we wanted.
Our last stop was the Shu Museum which shows the history of one China’s greatest and most renowned products – Shu Silk Brocade. I bought some beautiful silk for Suzi to make herself an outfit. Success at last!
Tomorrow is our last full day in China and we are going to treat ourselves to a Tibetan feast.
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