We have fallen extremely lucky in our next door neighbour to our rental cave – Brian (I think Suzi has adopted him as an extended family member). He has been here for about 20 years and developed his and the ad-joining cave into beautiful living areas rich in outside areas and, at the last count, 6 dogs of various breeds!

Our first encounter was Brian dropping off a carrier bag of vegetables and introducing himself, it was immediately obvious that this was a man that was well worth getting to know better. He was friendly and not an ‘ex-pat’ but rather an individual who loves and has embraced España as his home. For being 70 years old you would never guess and he smokes like a trooper!

Our second encounter was a further carrier bag full of figs and appricots as well as an invitation to a paella evening at his gaff. We took around alcohol and had a brilliant evening with a wonderful seafood paella and lovely company. What a nice man!

Then today he took us into Castillejar and introduced us to the market, banks, butchers and to Mario the policeman! On the way back he took us around the local area including a ‘secret’ area with a stream and outside barbecue/picnic areas.

We are already indebted to this man so much.

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  1. Lovely man it’s nice to know there are still good people in this world n he’ gained a friend in u two

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