Cave hunting

Apologies for not writing in a few days but we have been exploring and looking at potential property to buy and it has been quite tiring but very enjoyable.

So on Wednesday and Thursday we looked at 6 properties with two different estate agents and using a list of requirements we devised we have cut this down to 2, with a further 4 to look at this week coming. Of the two favourites one is a house/cave on the outskirts of Baza (pronounced Batha) with great views of the valley and within walking distance of the Sierra de Baza Natural Park. This was a beautiful combination of house and cave done to our taste and therefore ready to move into! However it had no land attached which, although this was an original requirement, we have not discounted because land could be purchased separately. It also had the advantage of being close to the bars and shops of Baza.

The second property was one that we had viewed online and put in our original shortlist, this comprised two cave houses north of Castellijar with a parcel of land attached. These caves were again decorated to our style and so again would be ready to move into straight away. This ticks all the boxes but is more isolated, requiring a drive to either Castellejar or Galera for bars and shops. I think its fair to say this is our favourite although we are keeping an open mind until after the other four.

Whatever property we choose, because of our requirements of an element of isolation, there is always going to be the need to drive for amenities. We therefore need to weigh all the strengths and weaknesses as we go forward.

We also learnt the process of buying, transferring monies and legal necessities involved which was extremely helpful.

Secretly I am already building pig stys and cultivating the land…..but don’t tell Suzi!

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