Project Marlborough Avenue

From the beginning of June I will be starting work on the house and garden getting it ready to sell in preparation for our eventual move to Spain next year.

Please feel free to watch as this project evolves.

I even have a gant chart!!

Although not starting quite yet I thought a few pics to show before we start the garden would be good

20160522_101928 20160522_101945 20160522_102020 20160522_102125

Starting in earnest w/c 6th June but may begin with clearing next week – burn the rubbish at least.

Week 1 – w/c 6th June

Well slow start managed to burn some of the rubbish at the back of the Garden and also replanted my Herb Box – the Horseradish seems to be thriving this year, thought we had lost it!

Also now got a plan for the main path, more news soon.

Week 2 – w/c 13th June

Cleared the small box room ready to decorate and transform into a Dressing-room. One trip to the tip another on Wednesday!

IMAG0174 IMAG0173

Also ordered the fence panels to replace those ruined in the winds earlier this year, they arrive Thursday.

Week 3 – w/c 20th June

Small box room painted and looking good but unfortunately despite getting the mounts for the mirrors, they would not come off the old wardrobe doors and therefore I need to re-think the mirror issue. Additionally noticed some rot in the outside window frame – this can easily be repaired but means considering painting the outside earlier than I wanted. To finish this room off requires a trip to IKEA – and my pension money!

Hopefully get the fences up this weekend – Marcel & Dominus helping, hope weather is not too bad! Purchased some mesh to stop Ken escaping whilst the panels are replaced – this will also come in handy for my path plan.

Put out some feelers for broken paving slabs for the path – no luck yet.

Fence post has been placed – wonderful stuff that postcrete! Placing the panels tomorrow morning – see before and after: –


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