Well today’s the day that I say goodbye to over 30 years of nursing! Mixed emotions today and then the start of a whole new chapter for me and Suzi.

I have loved my career as a children’s nurse and as the manager of a truely remarkable set of staff in Hull – you all know how good you are.

I have several projects to keep me busy and hope that you will watch and see how we get on.

Thanks to everyone at Hull Royal Infirmary for giving me the chance to have such a great working career

A lovely day and lots of nice presents, although I do think people think I like to drink for some reason!

Thank you to everyone for making my last day at the Hospital such a nice one…..I will miss these people.

Golden Hearts

As a lovely postscript to my retirement I attended the Trust’s ‘Golden Hearts’ awards were I had three personal nominations in the finals – none of them won! Travesty! But they are all winners in my book.

The 13th Floor – the children’s medical wards, what a team and a pleasure to be part of. Acorn ward and NICU were also nominated but unfortunately never made the finals. I would like to say what a great team the children’s services at Hull Royal are.


Ward 10 – the ‘Winter Ward’


Dr Peter Pairaudeau – one of the nicest people I know and one of the best neonatal consultants

Then at the end of the night I get a mention in the Chairman’s speech and a standing ovation – ‘Its all about ME!’

I think I just disappeared:-


First Week Off

Official retirement starts on the 1st of June so this is really Anual Leave and I plan to treat it as such.

Got a visit to Andy’s allotment on Tuesday – very spiritual ‘Man-shed’ time.

Then on Thursday off to London to see “Radiohead” and shop/eat in Camden with Suzi.

Well what can I say about last Tuesday…..brilliant day on the allotment, deep spiritual conversation and putting the World to rights, even had time for a nap. Thanks Andy….much love!



One of the topics we spoke about at length was the upcoming referendum in the UK as to whether we stay in or leave Europe. This is the biggest most important vote in my lifetime and I am scared that because of the biased press (owned by people who live abroad in tax havens!) and the idiotic masses we will vote to leave – disaster! All because of several lies: –

  1. The NHS – people are afraid that if we stay in the NHS will be ruined. Wake up Britain the current Government is doing that without any help from Brussels. The rich Tories want to privatise it so that the companies they own can move in.
  2. Jobs – we make very little in this country, and what we do is owned by foreign companies, do we really think that the owners of firms like RollsRoyce (the BMW group in Europe) will stay in Britain and employ British workers if we leave – I don’t think so. The only useful commodity we have is our financial centre in London, but seriously if we leave will that remain or will Paris or Berlin not simply take that as well.
  3. Imigration – Please! we are a country forged from imigration – Celts from Spain, Romans from Italy, Angles, Saxons and Jutes from Germany, Vikings from Scandanavia and Normans from France. We then had the imigration from our old Empire, and in the last war the Polish (who fought alongside us). What are we afraid of? The people who come to Britain tend to work and pay taxes unlike the benefit scrounging white English we are so proud of. There are probably many places where our imigration into those countries was far worse – ask the Native Red Indians of America and Canada, Aboriginis of Australia and Maoris of New Zealand.
  4. We want to be GREAT again – get real there is no chance! No-one wants or likes us!

We need to stay in Europe where we can be a major part of something GREAT

Please think before you vote or don’t.

Then off to London with Suzi to see Radiohead…..what can I say the concert was awsome (see these reviews Telegraph and Guardian) and after seeing them three times they just get better and better, listen to their new albulmn ‘Moon Shaped Pool’ – as a sample treat – Burn the witch. What a brilliant birthday present – thank you Suzi xxxxxxxx Plus we got to shop, eat and drink around Camden possibly my favourite part of London a really good two days. Then Suzi got a great order come through to her business Ready2Role

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Next week is my birthday/retirement party….bring it on!

Had a great week last week – my birthday was great and the party on Friday was awesome, lots of great friends and my family. the George Hotel in ‘The Land of Green Ginger’ was a great venue and the staff were wonderful, even ordering in a special cask beer – Timothy Taylor ‘Boltmaker’ – thank you! Special thanks to my good friend Simon Johnson for arranging the music – it was really good.

Now into the first week of true retirement and have started the work to get our house ready to sell (see alternative post). Also joined a Gym and started swimming – I will keep you posted. on the way back from the gym I noticed this saying on the wall of the Griffin pub: –

‘and eggs and butter were developed with an eye to the Hull market’

wondered what this meant and found it in a history of Anlaby Road – still not sure what it means though!

Also helping my wife on a costume she is making for a girl going to Hull Comicon – ‘Evie Frey’ from Assassins Creed, its going well and I think I may do some more of this, might be another Post.


Off to Download 2016 on Thursday


Well that was a wash-out – literally, managed to see some bands but got absolutely soaked and deep mud everywhere. First day didn’t even stay for Ramstein, Second day left half way through Black Sabbath – sacrilege but it was just no longer fun. Then didn’t even bother going the third day for Iron Maiden! Having to concede I am an old man. Some highlights: –

Found a really good pub in Derby too – Brunswick Arms – brew their own ales and really are good.

Well started the work on the house (see my Marlborough Avenue post), decorating the small box room into a walk-in dressing room.

Biggest thing was the vote on remaining in Europe – the British public (well English as Scotland and N. Ireland voted to remain) voted to leave the EU, a very sad day for us and Europe. Really worried about the future and especially what this means for my children. Had a day of mourning yesterday, got very drunk but now time to focus on the future – we are where we are! I thought we were Europeans but 52% of us feel we are ‘Little England’ sad!

Well its been a month since I retired and I have still not got my money – shouldn’t be surprised really, but bit upset. Contacted NHS pensions and they are just finalising it. So I am on hold until that comes in.


2 thoughts on “Retirement

  1. Dearest Amedo,
    Just wanted to say congrads on the retirement and looking forward to seeing all your projects getting underway.ill try catch yas next time I go see my old boy. Much love mate munk

    1. Thanks Munk,
      would be great to see you again soon. I want a tee shirt too….gotta save those Bees.
      Love Amedo

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