Shopping trip to Granada

Yesterday we decided to take a trip to our nearest big city, Granada, and associated retail park. There were some things we required that could not be sourced from the local towns and markets but also we wanted to determine the time it would take to get there. Granada is roughly 100km away from our present rental (quick way to roughly convert to miles is km/3 x 2) or about 65 miles.

We managed to get some of the supplies required including, of course, a Playstation 4, Bluetooth speaker and outside lights. We used the large Hypermarket of Carrefour as we knew this would supply what we needed without too much hunting. As we become more used to the markets and other shops we will not be as reliant I am sure.

When we returned we were able to listen to music outside the cave whilst watching Suzi’s lilos (outside lights for anyone not a Craven) blaze to life and then play ‘Crash Bandcoot’!

We are having a restful day today as it is ‘Assumption of Mary Day‘ in España and everywhere is shut.

Karl (our cat) has managed to catch and eat a small lizard – first blood to Karl! But Ken (our dog) was not particularly impressed as I believe he is far too hot!

We have nine houses/caves to look at over the next week and hopefully we will find one that suits our needs. we have compiled a rough checklist in order to ensure we don’t just buy the first we see.

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